Inspivids is closing

I have decided after a long thought process to close Inspivids. Closing the site is a part of simplifying my online life. I have enjoyed running the site and cherish the connections I've made with fantastic people because of it. However, in recent months the site has been repeatedly under attack by hackers and I've sunk countless hours in trying to fix the problems and prevent further attacks without much success. Therefore I have decided to close the site and put the focus on other more valuable personal projects. I hope you understand.

Thank you for your support, visits and views.

I have gathered all the videos from Inspivids on Vimeo and Youtube channels and will continue to update those channels sporadically with inspiring videos I come across.

Feel free to follow these channels:

Inspivids Channel on Vimeo
Inspivids Playlist on Youtube

Ragnar Freyr